Photography Thread

There are times in my perceptions when photography becomes actual. Then I try to catch something via that medium and put it on “film” to have it handy. This first one’s an alternative to something we all know…a version of a living thing that may not be available…

Flowers. it could be a theme to work on. If I find the time. It’s very abstract and difficult to find images that can have more than one meaning / are visually related to each other without having an easily recognizable connection

Beautiful trash
Finally it was not my first choice yet its just as refreshing


potsmoking medieval bot

This is a Project that started in 2017, and has got hold of me since, even though I didn’t produce much of them. I am being tasked by it since last week. I look Forward to many cyborgs. Sometimes, just as it is with the “potsmoking medieval Bot”, Things take their own road.

The SadBot.. oct 8th 2020
An universe-flying bot. Oct 10. 2020
The softness messenger oct 17. 2020. He reminds me of “le petit prince”.
the alien killer cyborg oct 19th 2020

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