…And even more images

Here we are in a timeloop. while this section is supposed to give you “even more images”, the images presented here are of an older age from a time where I was beginning.

Some of the presented images cannot be bought. Please accept my apologies. Prints are available. And I look forward to make you an offer. via contact@busybureau.com

Vegan Style Personal Use

coccooning / woman with scarf, january 2023.

below: salamanders, jan. 2023

woodworks compilation, make it possible!

The Hurtful Moment
Frutti di mare,6.22

HELLO! As you can see from the images below—the two “portal” woodwork images— the supplier has changed and the new one is making these works possible again, of which I have thought they would be suspended for a very long time. which is opening, creating space for new opportunities.

In case you are interested in such a work, please contact me through contact@busybureau.com. TY!


Mexican jug, 2022

Cotton Candy
Vegan Style Personal Use
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