writing samples

Enjoy these random words, for you: something like ants coming along the way, making asphalt floors all day, raven watching this whole scene, inviting people to come in. tumblers turning like DJ tables, horses whining in the stables. handkerchiefs took to salute them, unicorns talk brute terms, loving people in the hidden, places longtime goneContinue reading “writing samples”

le film debut

Dear Mister and Missis and Miss Here we have the latest endeavor of busybureau. because it is necessary to evolve and do different things in life. all within the range of “Normality”…which is including a lot of craziness as we all know. so here it is. the flea circus of 2022, the shocker, the newContinue reading “le film debut”

Fashion Tryouts

Hi Everybody, here we are, march 15th 2023, and I have made fashion tryouts to make something I have not been trying out yet. It started with the making of Le Petit Prince Theatre-Wardrobe and ended as Swiss Paisley for today, but I’m not done yet! It has captivated me. and so it went on,Continue reading “Fashion Tryouts”

Studio Works

Welcome to this new page, where you’ll find the works from the Studio.Starting with this. Enjoy!! its the beginning of something beautiful! my alien restaurant material above. and the NUJAZZ cards of 2022/23 below My cardgame, similar to Swiss Jass, with slightly different cards. we have the cards: aliens, Police, angels and Operators. from thisContinue reading “Studio Works”

Artist’s Statement

welcome, I wish you a happy week/ month/ year! Aren’t we all riding on that river to our fullfillment, hoping/wishing for it to be good for/ with us? I hope to be able to make people optically happy with this blog. so, enjoy it! I am a lunatic, but I ve got these artworks forContinue reading “Artist’s Statement”

get your new works here!!

welcome back. Right here we’ve got them cropped/framed for you. What’s your favorite? Let us know! I entertain the site parallel-ish to other posts. for a detailled view of the newest posts of relevance, please go on the homepage corner up-right and choose “busybureau treasure trove”. I hope that you like my doings and spreadContinue reading “get your new works here!!”

Exhibitions / Ausstellungen

exhibitions are a crucial part in the sales that are considered by the artists, which does make things possible, and should make them possible in order that the artist stays sane, because, like I have mentionned elsewhere, Art is a mirror of the society we live in. and that should be regarded as a useful discipline that helps people in their evolution.