About Basel…and about the Author

https://www.linkedin.com/posts/art-basel_postponed-art-basel-in-basel-2021-will-take-activity-6758016277987500032-dnfp this is a very encouraging article about the Art Fair that will take place in 2021. Yess! and here’s something else: I thought I give you some insight in my persona, too, while we’re at the good news… :)So you obviously know my Name. My background is this : I studied graphic design inContinue reading “About Basel…and about the Author”

early works of a graphic language

Hello again! I am happy to have you here! I would like to share my story of perseverance with you. Without that will of completion, without that drive for more, this site would have never reached out to you. It is a personal story of mine, I want my Pictures to make it into yourContinue reading “early works of a graphic language”

Children’s Corner Tapestry

May I present to you: My Children’s Corner Tapestry, which is built for your kids, so that they have a colorful surrounding / corner, where they can Play and grow all in a safe and encouraging home. Feel free to look through these gallery images. It will surely be liked! suitable for children aged 3Continue reading “Children’s Corner Tapestry”