the busybureau P.O.D.

the POD season just has begun! welcome here, listeners, in the preparative zone of Christmas Decoration and Gifts and Meeting The Family, whatever that may be for you. Lets think it will be okay and try to have a positive mindset about it. about all the efforts you ve had last year, and your intentionsContinue reading “the busybureau P.O.D.”

Studio Works

Welcome to this new page, where you’ll find the works from the Studio.Starting with this. Enjoy!!! for it is the end of an era. My cardgame, similar to Swiss Jass, with slightly different cards. we have the cards: aliens, Police, angels and Operators. from this we have all other cards, in those 4 sets. like,Continue reading “Studio Works”

Artist’s Statement

welcome, daughters and sons! and mothers and fathers! I wish you a happy week/ month/ year! Aren’t we all riding on that river to our fullfillment, hoping/wishing for it to be good for/ with us? I hope to be able to make people happy with this blog. so, enjoy it! I am a lunatic, butContinue reading “Artist’s Statement”

get your new works here.

welcome back. I entertain the site parallel-ish to other posts, this (the three four images that are layered below) is a “novel” approach of 2023. for a detailed view of the newest posts of relevance, please go on the homepage and scroll down and choose “busybureau treasure trove”. I hope, and I really hope thatContinue reading “get your new works here.”

Exhibitions / Ausstellungen

exhibitions are a crucial part in the sales that are considered by the artists, which does make things possible, and should make them possible in order that the artist stays sane, because, like I have mentionned elsewhere, Art is a mirror of the society we live in. and that should be regarded as a useful discipline that helps people in their evolution.