photo esquizes – home of creating imagery

These Pictures are images supposed to give insights in the mental states everyone of you probably already had at one point or another. feelings of being lost, feelings of being hurt and so on. also the theme is “playing God”, with embryons, and the things being done to nature are fighting back one day orContinue reading “photo esquizes – home of creating imagery”

About the B’s…and about the Author

Here we have the B’s: The Best that is available here to the public audience. I have carefully selected some of the B’s for this post. I always want to surround myself with B’s, but I find that it is not possible to have Bests Only. There are so many other things that are important,Continue reading “About the B’s…and about the Author”

Photography and Imagery Thread

There are times when photography becomes actual for me. Then I try to catch something via the camera and put it on “film” to have it handy. I especially look for images with strong meaning, and if possible with second look imagery, something that adds to first sight and shows up whats happening actually inContinue reading “Photography and Imagery Thread”

Fancy Winter Decorations (for sale)

dear reader! Here we have winter decoration combinations / ensembles. they are in a greater format. they’re images for entertainment purposes, they resemble graffitis on southamerican walls, with an educational purpose. for the children’s is the inheritage… There’s more to the winter tale objects and images: Look up these one’s on the bottom of thisContinue reading “Fancy Winter Decorations (for sale)”

A Tickling ofsome Kind…SecureArrival… “Texts” from 2020/21

TEXT1-PetraS.SteinerApril3,2021 Mislocation of the greater lifespan is found on the carpet of the contrary solitude that affects millions in this collection of dead butterflies, as if they could fly, or rest, or do eat their chocolate cake in the afternoon. It has never been billed in the eyes of the tiger that lingers in theContinue reading “A Tickling ofsome Kind…SecureArrival… “Texts” from 2020/21″