writing samples

Enjoy these random words, for you:

something like ants coming along the way, making asphalt floors all day, raven watching this whole scene, inviting people to come in. tumblers turning like DJ tables, horses whining in the stables. handkerchiefs took to salute them, unicorns talk brute terms, loving people in the hidden, places longtime gone forbidden, terrace of another fight, telling sermons is all right, in the people of al ages, and the man who talks bolut rages, up and down the line of jobs, women altogether sob, making place for a little sport, right into that intel core, hoping all is gonna turn out well, and no place like a living hell. we are on the surface bright, everything will be alright. no man ever needs to know, whats behind that show. as long as they go, with some shampoo, and a poiem of edgar allen poe. trickster learns words without judgment, loves his son and is reluctant, to accept that there’s no beer, for this engineer, which means they’re here to smear.

toilet people long time warrior, told me stories about that huge carrier, of that servers for all gents, from here to amsterdam and friends. they got cancer from some substance, and government is silently having that last dance, recorded on a tape receiver, for you and me, lets say he’s a retriever, the dog I would accept the most, is working down the gold coast.

we want to see the immigrants office, and have a mug of wonderful coffee we’d show them all of our white jacket, and even inside of our head. they would then make a huge control, we dont even smuggle petrol.

the trembling of your hearts admirer is starting to talk with your lawyer about our space with tom sawyer and gregory peck whos saying what the heck. they steal from him his every song, tarantulas are long gone, the sun is left to cry bout evil, has no flaw and not one faible, trashing all careers that emulate from here. asking every little detail, is typical for jail, crumbs from thriftstores need to come all along and very long expiration dates of things, who is gonna be her prince, with rings?

warriors of love for sure, come in letters from the shore, starring is our johnny depp, that we will not forget, he is being kept in silence, like a slice of pizza high end, coming home to you, delivery service I love you.

rain is being awaited here, so clear, my bear is in the woods, doing little red riding hood, good. forever, told you, Love will mold you, tri star legendary, falling like a vegetary, diet is so cruel, but never in a pool. socks will need to tumble, time for you to grumble, take your stockings back, forevermore my neck. inner study temperature, something about a ligature, give me room to ponder about upcoming life’s wonders. 

open up the book, pirate got a hook, friends is all the sailors, always perpetuators, cats straw in the zone, leave me not alone, I crown all the butter with confiture and tell you lets get away from here, and let nobody know, where is a show, by a woman we all know, and cannot tell, why she is so stiff and pale.

she would be the freedom of, her and all her memos, with the cryptocurrency, like the ABC, yelling at the taxi driver, to accelerate like a screwdriver, just the right speed of some sort, the new sport. soon the driver will be gone to oblivion, leaving it up to a machine, and her data stream. open for all commentaries, what do you want to be legendary for? its time for a game, of why and when. a game about the hour, terrified by some new superpower.

looking at a glass of beer, telling people oh my dear, opening the eyes to widespread disguise, of tennessee and whiskey shots here we got governments shots calling you for duty asking for john and judy, tell me bout the fever cause I’m one of silver, light is here to shine, come bring me my shrine, time to occupy that old sweet canopy. houses haunted deeply, saying ghosts are creepy, sitting at the corner of beddings of time warner, telling me a story about humanoid glory open for all calls for universe smalls, drawing them is near how can you only smear like with ice cream, and so much steam, making art with that, your recompense’s a hat. before you die you’ll tell me why, it was this way, like on this portrait, in saturated blue, which is why I’m in love with you, in times of bliss and of bewilderment and because I am very different than what you guys will see when all eyes are on me.

talking bout illnesses coming from caresses, they say they do not know where this all is from, coming like a storm on another cushion from this woman in focus and image so fine that I have to say she is mine, for all eternity in this biodiversity. I’m gonna grow bold and strong, noone can tell me I’m wrong, getting some food at mister wong, talking to the warrior of viet Cong. because thats where I belong miss from the state, I put this on your plate, no need to debate, it’s great.

we’re jetting, correcting, letting wing and charme begging, love making power taking, syllables for gold digging, permitting, ever after goal sitting,  you are the color of my sad mind shifting, on cliffs and hills residing, gliding providing, karma sutra back riding, excuse me  introduce me, got chicks and french fries on it, so do it, come over ask permit, we’re gonna laugh like muppet show with kermit, grab my arm, hold you tight, we can make love for the whole night, right?

use a spoon get little el’ments soon, on your plate, or every other chemist’s lab gateway, they say its proper, can I be your hopper, from a to z with the helicopter,

show me your diary we ve got hilarious grammarly we’re multifamily, go to the preacher, I m gonna reach her, ever here and on the phone, give something back through the military drop zone, I am a speaker of a thousand miniatures, give signatures, hold back the level of interest bank wire checks, be a tenant of a superduper local bar, thats who we are, upholding car signs in the moment of a crime, so they can see it, whoever’s making quit, with the life, without  going to a deep water whale dive, for a momentum, kids telling representing, we have time for that rhyme in an office here, get me a haircut and I’m done drinking beer, no more desaster, with the master, its just a game, for generating coin gains, call me ego, I m a wiggle wiggle free go, in this area I’m zoning out the vertigo.

take me by hand show me upside hill land, be my curator, even if some say I hate her, get to the clock and make a mockingbird morning statement, like sugar cane he is plain level underrated, regulated, tell her to stop with that crop sideway maker, And try to shake her, insomniac the mac flurry, try to hurry then you worry, call a friend make some noise in the back yard, a sandwich with bacon on retardation what is this nation is it a joke or a mesmerising stroke of glory, call me cory, we’re going back to that oldscool love story, bring me to bed, naked not only the brain and head, give me your number, I’ll take you to a long and profound slumber, and when we hit the ceiling sexually speaking squeaking, you’re gonna say it was marvellously phreaking, strictly speaking. I m the inventor, straight to the center, I’m up for trouble in your trophy room where elvis is the king, give me a drink, and then lets sink into our pants, capture an unicorn making blink blink. cause we adore that galore, remember every core war, we are so right, jeans are so tight, take transportation means along with our nutritious meals, and the eagles, flying over top seagulls, capisc or you don’t, you’re going blonde if you’re hot like a fairytale hot man, give up the glam, you can’t program your moves or mine, not even for a hundred dimes. I say shut up, never a flop, we are succeeding top in that colorful flower pot. give me some bread, I ll be the maker, of cheap food for our bakery I m not a faker, I will succeed because we need to be adored by everyone aboard, have you heard? its getting late, in our state, of this  comprehension and uniqueness-calling blind date. give me some spray so that I can make, some kind of unfolding a better person’s heart rate, its time to skate into cosmic gate, cause when we fail we can’t prevail in that conquest of soul food reappearing, give me the ring, you are my queen sweet sixteen always bit too late, I am bit older, thats what I’ve told her and on her shoulder I am quick to fall asleep, into deep no recoil, I love some oil for that starting love story, want to being new like a priory, sunshine luxury, gonna take care of luckily, me, in ghetto town, still got my crown, and get along with king kong and his kids, refined that is, like an umbrella, with other forms like a square coming into life, give me a high five

Clarification of a porcelain puppet, a text of MAY 2023

The morning knows its name, none of them beginnings are the same.

The buds shine in drops of newborn waters and allow glimpses of caleidoscope phenomenon, nature’s horizons, the greatest museum.

You do need not go far to have a stunning view, Gaia presents herself in every aspect every other minute of her existence.

Go now, go up the stairs and seek the sky.

Downstairs the muds are governing.

Further down, the waters are jingling,

a woman, cold, wrapped in a sheet, just came from a rescue boat.

Inside of that catastrophy reaction centre, the dogs are eating, preparing for the next ouverture of this Symphony without a written ending, for you do not know, unless you’ve been there.

The stars, cannot be tamed. Like a nature event, they come in full force, clothed in one of those rescue uniforms, in deep blue city.

The mic is in her hands, and she sings at that karaoke evening. Yes she remembers, now.

Nobody really wants to remember. If so, it is almost a decade too late.

Ignite my heart she said, and so did I. We started the dance, never knowing the next step.

There was a raspberry body inbetween us. We fed it day after day, and so we became one.

Nobody knew whre we were vulnerable, no hot spot of exception was designed the day we were created. It was a closed circuit with no beginning and no end.

Temptation lingered behind every corner of this plastic city,where skyscrapers dug holes in the sky.

Dark red was their name, blue the sky, pink the skin of the entrants of it.

In the seclusion of a later evening, she tamed the lion inside of her like a tribal man who protects his family and seeks to survive. Her hands preserve the smell of ivory, the smell of the desert.

In the reflection of this discoball lied her self-knowledge. Her bones securely moved to the rythm of a new beginning.

Compositions of mature musings compete with aural and astral happenings.

In her trust lies the jewelry of her outspoken lovingness. The sound of music underlines her dreams and horoscope revelations.

She was torn because of the ripping of her skirt, the wall had an immense hole through which came all the visitors of this electronica party.

The language of the deepest desert was carved into their bones, it was a language of its own that could not be compared.

The wilderness in it became her second home. In a fata morgana she dwelled and put all of her belongings inside of it.

The diced hemisphere opened up in the eye of a long awaited thirst quench happening, an event of satisfaction in the eye of sobriety. While satan had been pushed back, the angels came inside the world in a large crowd.

The new friendships, like freshly squeezed orange juice, came into her pleasure. Without desinfectant, with all of the intimacy such an entering could hold.

The morning sun lingered there to shed light on her intimacy, which she did not offer.

The gaze was all on her skirt. The happening seemed to repeat itself.

The bones were in the earth, those bones of sahara animals spoke the language of freshly colected green grasses, into their stomachs like the best food ever, which we cannot relate to, except if we imagine their mouths and taste buds to be different than ours. Something that has been clear all of the time.

She was romantically involved, so she thought, but was she really? She could feel a presence, even in a void.

They lived in a world of shifting priorities. Of investments, of collecting coins to ensure the century’s major makings, for the good or for the worst.

This morning was black as ink, with that little blue ingredient that made clear where it belonged.

Not a man and no shirt of his could cover this undoing. Nobody had the right to appear like someone else. Noone had the right to copy this style.

This was hers, so she kept it and lived happily with it, enjoying every second of it, all in the allowance of a new day.


Published by Patrizia Vanazzi

Hi! My name is Patrizia, I am a former graphic designer and am now working in the field of the arts, where I weave and provoke, brighten and calm the viewer and more. My main goal is to give the viewer an unforgettable experience and to make him/her wanting to get an image for him/herself for signalling his/her appartment and give it a unique blend of color and form. You are welcome to have a look at these Uniques. I wish that you enjoy your stay. Come back! There is always more! and if you follow the site you will see the progress, even if some things dissappear from the site, there is always that or the other image to observe. The main themes I am talking about is partnership / world happenings / the importance of good health / life improvement / creativity and other themes of interest. Partnership because it is crucial, and the other themes are of importance too. I especially like life hacks and will take this theme in consideration asap. the website is always under construction. many images are ready here to be seen and bought / to be visited. I particularly enjoy showing and selling my works to the interested people of my surroundings. I give the images time to hang, on my walls, as initiation process that every/ almost every image needs to go through. I emphasise on woodworks that I keep on doing all along the main works, which consist of cutouts 50x70cm.

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