my scrap iron of 21/22

Dear Reader! I am glad to have you here! You are welcome to get new pages for your entertainment throughout the year, they are images of actuality. if you will..I can take over your supplies of imagery and objects and take over the monopole for these things. slowly and steadily, without anybody really noticing, they will notice it when it will be too late. and I will have introduced new standards which noone will be able to ignore. shall I dare to say more? Or shall I be silenced forever?

Cat, september 2022

Many people regard Art as something superfluous-at the same time, everybody wants it

VICE – Artefact or Actuality?

VICE – In the last Century?

My livingroom? If nobody wants it – I take it! 🙂

It’s the Batman Baby! Okay, and with that, I leave the page for now, at least this chapter. There is always much to do at this busybureau.

crazy gal, of 2022— SOLD

(so what does that mean concretely? It means get it while it’s there. I m telling the absolute truth here.

and remember, dear reader: there is more than you see here. If you are really interested in knowing my collection, you are welcome to schedule a meeting, where you can choose quietly what you like out of this grouping and what not. anyway, I wish all of you a fresh time anywhere in the calendar.

alien head, 2022

I ve always had this love for assemblies of sounds or colors. seeking for that form, that is “outstanding” such as the concept of Swatch Watches in the 80s/90s. so I am looking for it in every “angle” of my creative mind. trying out what comes to hand, trying and trying again. such as below: Alien Fast Food Chain. that I was able to put it on paper and put it on this site–is my expression.

Of course- if then–work is being used/shown personally/publicly is..salt in that soup. or shall I say topping on that milkshake.

alien milkshake, oct. 2022

now follows a collection of many different images th


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