some thoughts and images, again.

certain observations

One situation/ thing leads to another…it is not clear from which side one should approach this issue to ensure a guaranteed result, because of the complex form every explainable theme/thing takes in, but I like this 3D drawed object that arises from this visualizing operation. I like it because all the possibilities are drawn like strings in their intensity, and find accompaining themes in their parallels. I do firmly believe that this visualization scheme will lead to a greater understanding of matters because they have never been viewed like that before.

oh and how I like it. it opens not only design possibilities, but understanding of psychological problems, and physical laws in action, that can be pushed to their limits regarding forms and what they can be. and where to intensify the matter.

I hope I explained it well. If not, then..

Read this:

Hello, my name is Patrizia, I’m a senior Graphic designer, and I like to approach things from a different angle to explore issues and come to deeper understandings.

What I have in mind today, is a visualization of things, thoughts, persons or all possible things/ persons/ actions and whatever, by defining parametres that  arise and grow or on the other side, decrease linearly. and by doing this in 3D. which means we have then something like a should help people by offering an understanding that can be traced back to the roots of every thing/ thought whatever, because Think about the thoughts—they will have certain attributes on a side that other things do not have. To me, this is educational purposes. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

I wanted to make a picture for you, a picture with words, about the attributes of things being linearly explained, but not only with lines, with areas also. like on a line from left to right can be an accumulation in all shapes and on every possible place of this line, it can even become a triangle or whatever. an accumulation left or right, upside or downsides, with fixed scales of intensity within these points.

all in all we will have those 3D structures which explain things to us, which can be used as explanations which open new findings because of their 3D visualizations.

We come then, or I come, when spinning, to other conclusions and spheres, interesting even with this old dusty mind of mine. I like it, because it means that I work right with my mind.


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