The Busybureau Treasure Trove

…and you know the most fun thing to do is to let the videos play simultaneously.

Me in my most maniac mood…enjoy it! 2022
please consider the videodisplay option and shine with this one, 2022 for the special price of 280 CHF, you’ll sure have something cool with this. 3 pcs available
Crabs helping each other out, 2022
It cannot see anymore where it is going, 2022
sadness, 2022 ( crazy with the dots again)
This is another loan, 2022
medieval Rebek, 2022
Videosurveillance, 2022
Belleza’s sister, 2022
Scorpio Lock, 2022
friendly demon, 2022
Sold, 2022
Angelic Message from 2022
KEY, 2021
Loan, 2022
Party glitter in blue, 2022
Partyglitter in orange, 2022

Hello Aliens! Here you are on!

My works are being made in a graphic Way, minimalistic / comic style, striking vibrant etc. Actually I am working at two Workspaces.

At the end of the Menu, you can choose the “studio works” section, which shows you the works I am doing there.

here, you re in the Treasure Trove. It’s all here, from older works to the latest creations. you’re welcome to leave a message if you like what you see. or just get an impression. you are welcome to register for more.

I would like you to understand that, in order to continue with these works, I need to get people’s help. If you would like to know how you can help me, please kindly email me at .

Darling’s direction / almost indian, 2022
needs to be, 2022
middle age instruments, 2022
Tales of a honeymoon hostel, 2022
the jug is making its way alone, 2022

As for Here, I try to give you a taste of some important works of mine, which is not an easy task because there are many images that I have to take into consideration and thatfor bring on here on the site.

should you be interested in any of the images, dont miss to take action and seek contact. you can reach me by

These ar the works that I need help with…please get yours today and ensure its making!

Seafood Serenade, 2022
Morning delight/ evening mistress, 2021
put your feet in the algaeic sea, 2022
something special, 2022
I hear you, 2022
african tribals, 2022
Jesus sent me a woman, 2021
2022, party to inaugurate the year
Orange, Black and White


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