The Busybureau Treasure Trove

Hello All! welcome to The Treasure Trove! You’ll find ideas, visuals, all over this site. pardon me for my english, I do my best to offer acoustic benevolence. and first and foremost I m looking for the right words, in the best case linguistcally, and then images to entertain at least a little part of your brain, which I wish to offer new impressions of things that (maybe) once were strange / alien to you such as the mechanical parts in the latter images, of which I have not completely passed the message for the moment, the images rest here and breathe the air of a website. Others are in folders. and wait for their appearance, while I am in front of the laptop, writing down words. and of course, some are being exhibited, and some have found a happy home.

Island, 2022
Vegan Style Personal Use
Ornamentality, 2022

Woodstock revamped, 2022 (oct)

Bar-bells, october 2022

italian frutti di mare, anyone? october 2022

Let’s begin!

Here is one of ⁴the latest:

Here you have Cards for Christmas:

You choose! One for 2 Swiss Franks, which is approximatively the same as 2 Dollars…please calculate the post fees…they’re around 5 dollars for a sending. please contact me through, or if there is a problem, leave a reply on the site. OKay, so I let you surf with ease through the previous stuff now: (Have fun)…. C U !

INTRO OCT. 5TH: Show them that you like them! With those BUSYBUREAU shinig pics! Price on demand!

Hello Visitors!

Glad to have you here with me! Please take all the necessary time to explore this new land here with my virtual Me. This is all made for your walls, To help you, and me, have a nice surrounding that provides you with a message of calm and, with that, being sovereign, all while knowing about the polarities that happen everywhere, and knowing that we all are subject to it in whatever range, and whatever spectre that is being measured. cherishing the moment. and so it is with the images.

People like me need to find safe spaces, hate- and bullying-free zones. where we can be who we are. or then, I d k .

It’s not nature who is the enemy.

I want to make a survey if someone tries to confront me with a fact. I need to know why. and what and who, and all the other questions before I say something. Things like that can take a lifetime to discover.

I think I ve told the pylons of this story.

Here is begin with:

These two are indian images, I have a varied range of themes that I come up with, such as, like I mentionned before, India, Luck, Furniture, Casino, Kisses, Wooden Objects, Geometries and the like.

My main goal is to remain active in the field of Art for a lifetime. To find my style and technique fully, yet still having variables in it, to astound people with it, to overwhelm them with it and to leave a lasting impression.

All the images are for sale. prices vary from 2’000 to 700 Freanks/Dollars. PLease get (w)in touch when interested.

Each image is an unique depictation of what is being percieved by me in that actual moment, as a mirror of my graphical mind and the happenings at that time. It cannot be replaced easily because it speaks the language of actuality. a language that I’d like to present to you with images as my companions that can be printed if there is a small budget, and also bought as Originals to complete your art collection.

Crabs helping each other out, with a very special metallic look to the points, 2022

Hello Aliens! Here you are on!

My works are being made in a graphic Way, minimalistic / comic style, striking vibrant etc. Actually I am working at two Workspaces.

At the end of the Menu, you can choose the “studio works” section, which shows you the works I am doing there.

here, you’re in the Treasure Trove. It’s all here, from older works to the latest creations. you’re welcome to leave a message if you like what you see. or just get an impression. you are welcome to register for more.

I would like you to understand that, in order to continue with these works, I need to get people’s help. If you would like to know how you can help me, please kindly email me at .

As for Here, I try to give you a taste of some important works of mine, which is not an easy task because there are many images that I have to take into consideration and thatfor bring on here on the site.

should you be interested in any of the images, dont miss to take action and seek contact. you can reach me by


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