Studio Works

Welcome to this new page, where you’ll find the works from the Studio.Starting with this. Enjoy!!! for it is the end of an era.

My cardgame, similar to Swiss Jass, with slightly different cards. we have the cards: aliens, Police, angels and Operators. from this we have all other cards, in those 4 sets. like, 6,7, 8, 9, 10, etc.

In November, 2022

this one here dated oct.26th.

They have all been done manually in a series of efforts to catch your attention, and/or just to being looked at for the posters.

I try my best to find moments that are meaningful and images that talk if any of that exists. In these dimensions I try to target people of all sorts with different objects.

It is always interesting to find out new elements of designing.



a series of portraits is about to be born in the atelier. I wish to make some additional “couples” in many other colors. what are you thoughts? Let me know.



I am interested in that Alien theme, which you can see down here. Enjoy!

Published by Patrizia Vanazzi

Hi! My name is Patrizia, I am a former graphic designer and am now working in the field of the arts, where I weave and provoke, brighten and calm the viewer and more. My main goal is to give the viewer an unforgettable experience and to make him/her wanting to get an image for him/herself for signalling his/her appartment and give it a unique blend of color. You are welcome to have a look at these Uniques. I wish that you enjoy your stay. Come back! There is always more!

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