Studio Works

Welcome to this new page, where you’ll find the works from the Studio.

So, these are Works that would all like to find their place in your living rooms (!) or probably in some Elect’s Living Room!

They have all been done manually in a series of efforts to catch your attention and work on your eyes that very special moment of … eye satisfaction.

I try my best to find moments that are meaningful and images that talk. In these dimensions I try to target people o all sorts.

It is always interesting to find out new elements of designing. and interesting to see the different stories that I create. and that they are a mirror of my being.

the modern day alien, 2022
My set of cards, in ptogress 2022
Spine, february 2022
Video Games, 2. 2022
Arabic fight 2022
Asian shell, 22
Dominos, 22
Dragon, 2.2022


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