Art To Go—gimme gimme gimme

Welcome to this Year’s Busybureau Springtime Sale ! Consider a couple of examples from this collection..

It serves the purpose of art-fast-food, it can be suspended with ease, and will always be that spicey eye-catcher in your room.

Right now we have 36 different designs to choose from. and some of them are in preparation…All images on top of this text are planned—can still be ordered but need to be produced and applied on canvases—and the one’s below are available faster.

We have three plans: for images on canvas, Letter Size

1 image for 100 CHF (postage included)

2 images for 160 CHF, and

3 images for 220 CHF all with postage fees included.

Please make the payment in Advance and use the following mailaddress for contact and for your payments. thank you!

Please consider that the sales are Payments In Advance.

ART TO GO–Mosaique (pick it!)
ART TO GO—Mosaique II – Pick yours! Just describe the one you want / write down which row.

Art to go – Pick what you like!

It is essensial nowadays to be able to take something in our rooms that adds value. Now many people talk about food – which inspired me to make Art to Go. Its fast food for the soul… It is what makes so many people content- food. and good food too. so enjoy these Art to go – pieces, Its Art for Everybody!


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