Artist’s Statement

Artist’s Statement

My name is Patrizia Vanazzi. In 1998 I have recieved the theoretical Diploma as a Graphic Designer from the School of Arts Basel. From there, my life went spiralling down as I got a mental illness that I found difficult to manage, which was something that occupied me and has left an impact on the way I saw life, and destiny and all the questions related that have arised since then.

My ideas are thatfor deeply rooted and characterized by the search of mental wellbeing and comfort, even personality development. At the same time, I want to create Images, even if it’s just forms and colors, that speak the language of development and with that, vividness because of the choice of colors, something that I emphasised a lot during my apprenticeship.

Broad Overview of My Ideas

My ideas are, like I have mentionned before, to get in touch with people. I believe that differring opinions can be considered to be things that offer opportunities to grow on a personal level, but I respect also that there are traits of the personality that cannot be changed. Certain ideas about life or life priorities, or even choices that are impregnated from childhood on, shape the way people will think resulting from this. I that for try to take into consideration our differences, also in taste and likes.

Choice of Materials

My Materials range from Works on Wood to Paper Cutouts and Wax Drawings. I am experimenting with those materials, and you can convince yourself of the resulting works here online.

Personal Philosophies/Artistic Theories

My personal philosophy is that while Talent is a given fact, the Routine must not be underestimated as a way to develop ideas. I like the idea of science to solve problems, we can definately learn things and apply them.

Art is entertainment. It is sometimes considered as useless, at the same time evenrybody wants it.

I will not stop, and I will not remain quiet, until the last corner of the world is throughoutly designed

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