Artist’s Statement

Vegan Style Personal Use

welcome, I wish you a happy week/ month/ year!

Aren’t we all riding on that river to our fullfillment, hoping/wishing for it to be good for/ with us?

I hope to be able to make people optically happy with this blog. so, enjoy it!

I am a lunatic, but I ve got these artworks for you, arising from a difficult situation with ups and real lows, while I am trying to make a good living adding certain things that I’d like to do, things that are really difficult at the present moment.

In 1998 I have recieved the theoretical Diploma as a Graphic Designer from the School of Arts Basel. From there, my life went spiralling down as I got a mental illness that I found difficult to manage, which was something that changed my way of thinking radically.

My ideas are deeply rooted and characterized by the search of mental wellbeing. At the same time, I want to create Images that speak the language of development and with that, vividness and attraction because of for example: the choice of colors.

My art also has got to do with me finding my roots.

Broad Overview of My Ideas

I believe that differring opinions can be considered to be things that offer opportunities to grow. But I respect also that there are traits of the personality that cannot be changed. Certain ideas about life or life’s priorities, or even choices are impregnated from childhood on and shape the way people will think resulting from this. I thatfor try to take into consideration differences also in taste and likes.

Choice of Materials

My Materials range from Works on Wood to Paper Cutouts and Wax Drawings. I am experimenting with those materials, also the positive/negative perspective.

Personal Philosophies/Artistic Theories

My personal philosophy is that while Talent is a given fact, the Routine must not be underestimated as a way to develop ideas. I like science to solve problems, we can definately learn things and apply them.

Art is entertainment. It is sometimes considered as useless, at the same time evenrybody wants it.

I will not stop, and I will not remain quiet, until the last corner of the world is throughoutly designed

Summary of Mid 2022

I’d like to thank all people who have given their support, and have given kind words and other necessities that have contributed to me being able to continue my endeavors in the artistic field.

remeber that your buying contributes to my artistic progress, that had, regarding the figurines, necessarly been suspended. for this year.

If I dont have any more sales revenues coming in, woodwork will not be possible this year. You can have one of the figurines for a decent amount of dollars, for more.

I hope that you like one or the other images or woodworks, and that you let me know about it! I would love to make prints in big sizes. and new woodworks. and for them to take place in your livingrooms, kitchens, or else. Thank you for your precious time.


Published by Patrizia Vanazzi

Hi! My name is Patrizia, I am a former graphic designer and am now working in the field of the arts, where I weave and provoke, brighten and calm the viewer and more. My main goal is to give the viewer an unforgettable experience and to make him/her wanting to get an image for him/herself for signalling his/her appartment and give it a unique blend of color. You are welcome to have a look at these Uniques. I wish that you enjoy your stay. Come back! There is always more!

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