And even more images..

New Year 2022: / provocative talk

Vegan Style Personal Use

Here you’ll find the works that I currently work on, views of artworks in surroundings and just random works for your observation.

the POD season just has begun! welcome here, listeners, in the preparative zone of Christmas Decoration and Gifts and Meeting The Family, whatever that may be for you. Lets think it will be okay and try to have a positive mindset about it. about all the efforts you ve had last year, and your intentions of 2023, all in one…that is like a light beam being directed on one spot. and it should be shining, glimmering, glittering and all you want it to be, which you have total control of. what we all need to keep in mind is that all of these things need preparation and should be worth the effort. if you want this to work you should be able of putting your whole heart in your doing, for a really good Christmas.

and then, it goes on with the beam. it will introduce you to the next year and start shining from one spot on, and connect with places of power, some sort of chakra on the face of the earth which you could pay attention to if you like. to breathe in and out.  and go there, to be a part of that happening, the sightseeing of a power place, and relent to it. best would also be to take something home from these power places. you dont mind getting a souvenir from usual places, so why miss getting one of those? let’s celebrate the forces of nature and lets connect with our higher natural selves. and the times are going to be productive like never before, I mean, isn’t that what everybody wants? a part from terrorists? or the everyday destructionalists. the reductionalists and shitake mushroom people.

I for my humble part, am enjoying your stay, even if I dont really feel much of it, but I can have a look at the statistics, maybe? I have not been residing long enough on that POnD for being able to tell much, well, there is though, at least one frog jumping around I believe, without wanting to be putting myself out of the way. I wish though, and can tell it all naturally, that I d like to bring the VIP of my mind to that Pond, to hold hands and enjoy the green.

that would be in my intention. I would possibly also take out a red cape, to give that person a moment of warmth, and even a beverage, which would be something like warm lemonade. 

This image is a depictation dealing with the departed. There have been places that gave the deceased money and something to eat for their last “trip”. This also depicts an urn. a very sophisticated one. TBH I would like one of those.

This figure was born today 31th of october 2022. It is a mixture between an animal, a croissant and the flag of Basel, where I live. Do not hesitate to call me if interested.

Please kindly overlook the fact that some pictures appear twice on the site / on different pages. It is a task with its own requirements to make a website. But we’re getting there. Like I said before, look at this website regularly and you’ll see the progress, maybe/hopefully.

the images are ready. are you? I look forward to make prints or sell original artwork to affordable prices. those images are unique creations and if there is a resemblance with other pictures, then it is a hazard.

Lets not lose time though, here is the latest one: It is one like some sort of lingerie—this Cheapo-Lingerie with the tiger-pattern, see for yourself:

so, were you able to make the connection to —lingerie? I have not seen one like this before. it exists. just checked. so gotta look further! I will think of other things. I have to. I m not so much into that red tiger thing. Like in the next image. I’m not so much into retro-woman posters.

I’m into this (you will find on multiple spots on the site:) enjoy it as long as its here–

Vegan Style Personal Use


The woodworks that have been suspended this year were resumed as for september 2022. below you see some of all of them. new one’s will be edited next week (week 37). come back regurarly and you will be informed.

Dog nose, 2022, not my favourite, but good for dog owners/hairstylists

keep scrolling. – you can find interesting images where you expect them the least.

I try to keep up with symbolism, talking with images about archaic things or state of being, or comic-style approaches to themes that are of everybody’s concern, or at least in my understanding.

And this is interesting: In january/february of the year 2022, I started working with a new element that will accompany me for the days to come, points. I use them quite often.

Maybe they will be my trademark for all times, because I have learned to come to an end with my works. which would be represented as an image to be a sentence. the sentence being something with a beginning and an end, and me being in the middle of it.



New Year is calling, 2021

so you want to see more?….Here we go! The busybureau is always busy, for art! for you! You have come at the right place, images are always available. woodworks are always on the way, it’s all moving, evolving. for your pleasure. Images are made simple to complex, there’s something here for Everyone! Please do not hesitate to leave a message, or follow the blog, or spread the word! TY!


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