Get your new works here!

Get your new works here!

Welcome again. Here you’ll find the works that I currently work on.

I invite you to take your time while watching the images – and keep scrolling. – you can find interesting images where you expect them the least.

I try to keep up with symbolism, talking with images about archaic things or state of being, or comic-style approaches to themes that are of everybody’s concern, or at least in my understanding.

I try to figure out trends in the language of⁷ imaging…which certai

nly comes out of my graphic background.

glove, 2022
Us 3/7, 2022
the tailor, 2021
Jesus sent me a woman, 2021
GROW, 2022
Vacuum cleaner stardom, 2022
Woman mother artist, man supplier, 2022
the complete cinema series, 22

And this is interesting: In january/february of the year 2022, I started working with a new element that will accompany me for the days to come, if it can be worked out as intended for future days. It is quite special, it is an element that underlies an important ending of something that I appreciated a lot, but could not continue.


woman, 2022
something medieval, 2022
Y Taxi? 2022
Y in the tattoostudio, 2022


Electricity, 2022

Nice and Sold, 2021 (prints av.)
New Year is calling, 2021
(Ginger)bread 2021

Welcome again! so you want to see more?….Here we go! The busybureau is always busy, for art! for you! You have come at the right place, images are always available. woodworks are always on the way, it’s all moving, evolving. for your pleasure. Images are made simple to complex, there’s something here for Everyone! Please do not hesitate to leave a message, or follow the blog, or spread the word! TY!

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