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Bird Bath, December
something about Jesus II
something about Jesus I
The Crush, 2021
Something for the Room

Welcome again! so you want to see more?….Here we go! The busybureau is always busy, for art! for you! You have come at the right place, images are always available. woodworks are always on the way, it’s all moving, evolving. for your pleasure. Images are made simple to complex, there’s something here for Everyone! Please do not hesitate to leave a message, or follow the blog, or spread the word! TY!

Looks like I met the frog, nov 13th
He’s diving, Comic Art Revival
Karate Kid Stars II,
11.7 x 16.5, Original 275$ framed, Postal Costs inclusive
The plane that brings us closer – Wish 4 more, Original Artwork 175$
11.7 x 16.5, Framed in White
American Baseball Intervention,
11.7 x 16.5, Original 175$, Print starting at 45$
Big New Years Celebration Images, Originals 23.4 x 33.1 in each, 600$ for both, Prints 45$ (small), 90$ (medium) 120$ (big)

New Year Celebration Image 11.7 x 16.5 x 2, 300$ both

Published by Patrizia Vanazzi

I like nature and design, birds and bees! Luckily I don't have this all in my room, Or I would go crazy, possibly you too. But don't worry, my madness is not contagious. Unlike some other Things that happen on this planet right now. Anyway, this space is intended to be a cozy surrounding with images who make you fall in a trance, so feel free to check out all the pages then, and write a comment, donate or buy if you feel like it. The question is: Do you want an image in your house for yourself and family members? How do you choose them? Which colors do you prefer? I am here for trying to find out what your needs are, so that I can deliver a most detailled solution for you based on my collection of goods.

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