The BUSYBUREAU Treasure Trove

The BUSYBUREAU Treasure Trove

My works are being made in a graphic Way, minimalistic / comic style, striking etc. Actually I am working at two Workspaces.

At the end of the Menu, you can choose the “studio works” section, which shows you the works I am doing in the studio.

Here, I try to give you some of the most important works of mine of all times, which is not an easy task, because there are so many images that I have to take into consideration.

Another thing is the elaboration of an unique language that is about to take place. a good sign, leaving my artistic mind at ease with the works.

nobody knows who I am, 2022
Cutie, 2022
The Brain. 2022.
Gemstones. 2022
Rocket Drawing, 2022
Spanish Beauty, 22
2022, new year’s elixir
Alien Bone
Orange, Black and White
The Key 2021

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