Exhibitions / Ausstellungen

My woodwork at artbox zürich
Hirscheneck Basel, 2022

april 2022 Art to Go, Restaurant Hirscheneck, Basel, 11. April 2022-10. Mai 2022

Triptych Religious theme on loan to the University Hospital Basel, agreed in March 2022

Gruppenausstellung ArtSoph in der Kunstkantine Frenkendorf, 27.1.-10.3.2022

19.8. – 16.9 2021″Gespräche zwischen Aliens”, VSP Baselland, Art Soph,

ArtboxProject 3.0, Swiss Art Expo, Zürich HB, 25. – 29.8. 2021


Published by Patrizia Vanazzi

Hi! My name is Patrizia, I am a former graphic designer and am now working in the field of the arts, where I weave and provoke, brighten and calm the viewer and more. My main goal is to give the viewer an unforgettable experience and to make him/her wanting to get an image for him/herself for signalling his/her appartment and give it a unique blend of color and form. You are welcome to have a look at these Uniques. I wish that you enjoy your stay. Come back! There is always more! and if you follow the site you will see the progress, even if some things dissappear from the site, there is always that or the other image to observe. The main themes I am talking about is partnership / world happenings / the importance of good health / life improvement / creativity and other themes of interest. Partnership because it is crucial, and the other themes are of importance too. I especially like life hacks and will take this theme in consideration asap. the website is always under construction. many images are ready here to be seen and bought / to be visited. I particularly enjoy showing and selling my works to the interested people of my surroundings. I give the images time to hang, on my walls, as initiation process that every/ almost every image needs to go through. I emphasise on woodworks that I keep on doing all along the main works, which consist of cutouts 50x70cm.

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