Photography and Imagery Thread

There are times when photography becomes actual for me. Then I try to catch something via the camera and put it on “film” to have it handy. I especially look for images with strong meaning, and if possible with second look imagery, something that adds to first sight and shows up whats happening actually in the world: emptiness, construction…for whom, when the people are gone?

Armour in my city. How many unseen, how many you don’t know? Houses like skulls, aura in your house…

dreadful house of cars…immigrant shopper’s stop. the vehicle anticipates the misuse of a foreign language. bitterness emerging start-up to coincidence. hot drop policy, we know the future against all odds.

Tooth importance, pac man furniture, isle of your dreams, located in your frontal lobe, lost in application of dreadful things that take advantage in mayday times…

Published by petra s. steiner

I like nature and design, birds and bees! Luckily I don't have this all in my room, Or I would go crazy, possibly you too. But don't worry, my madness is not contagious. Unlike some other Things that happen on this planet right now, if you know what I mean. when considering that all could be so different..!!! I make lots of graphic and artists' stuff and this is a small portion of all my stuff. I hope you leave this page as an "uplifted person". Theres enough negative stuff around every day. This is supposed to be a comfort zone. Hope you find some valuable content. Don't hesitate to order something finished or some new design if you found something meaningful for you. There can be adjustments all along. Petra. S. Steiner

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