“miniature reads” and “microlives”

Welcome to the “miniature reads”. They are an additional work to a series called microlives from 2017, where days were described in 11 sentences and every day had its own texture and sound; its own priorities which I found interesting and called it as explained before “microlives”. I said I will post them as soon as I find the time, and I found the time. Are you Ready? Here we go:

Microlives (tell your day in 11 sentences)


Today I woke up at 4,

I took a shower,

brushed my heavy curls

ate a deep brown bread

with flour

and marmelade

made a ride through the city

worked silently

sat still

in front of the TV

and went to bed


I got up with a headache

My coffee machine was broken

All of a sudden

I smoked a cigarette

Drank a tea

And played the piano

In my room

There were remains

Of that tea

I didnt have nothing to do

So I went to bed early.


At 10, my alarm rang

I woke up and felt afraid

Of the things that awaited me that day

I washed my hands

More than one time

I had the feeling

I was out of place

My hands were dry

Because of the washing

I lost my job that day

And I couldn’t get it back


I woke up with the TV on

I have listened to it all night long

Went to bed at Midnight that day

In my red cover

I had it from my mom

For years

I saw her in the afternoon

Glad to have her here

Since she saved me

from having an electroshock

I like her more

Than before


The sounds of carneval

Woke me up early in the morning

As if I was present

In their group

With their flutes and drums

I went to work that day

In the mall

Where they sold guns

That evening I thought that there are people

I could kill for what they do

But I don’t

Here’s the miniatures:

Ongoing Mutant Terror Speech oct 2020

I am awaiting the day – when Politicians start debating about the UFO-Secret Files and Happenings. It would be such a relief compared to what they talk about these days. Shouldn’t they open the restricted files to the public so that we would like to listen to them because they say something interesting? All this Corona is : boring boring boring.

Extraterrestrial Task Force Secrets Unveiled as a headline. Yeah man. Not only the pot smokers, but so many more people would be so delighted, can you imagine…That relief. It’s better than some book if Politicians would talk about it. It has that edgy notion, that new adventure touch that the world needs.

I know, those videos are available on you tube, but I need something that I can truly confront. I need Facts. I need These Guys like the Cigarette Smoking Man and I want aliens. I don’t care if it’s a war or if they want to make human women pregnant, but I definately need a new kick. I bet I’m not the only one.

Comment If You Agree.

When Tales torment the Tenants oct 2020

Never resolving Troubles have come to town, where one of those tenants is spying on the other, while he’s only having a fridge full of food, and some clothes, and the rest for the kids that love to hit so hard on the heads of the one’s bullied by them; the tenant: the school from the other side of the street makes a ticking sound on his forehead, and all the evident things have come through the windows of that town. No more fiesta, no more laughing, but pain. In the chest, in the neck.

The police officers have taken off their old uniforms, and where there was blue there is white. As if they wanted to make publicity for toothpaste.

The next day: Lasagne. And so on. They will have stains.

It’s a haunted house, there at the end of that district. Everybody knows. Who knows what’s exactly all around it. But it seems that they’re all gone crazy, not in the typical sense, but they have irregularities on some parameters, and I mean all of them, not just a few.

The foxes are going to take over their area. They want to rip the clothes off of their upper legs, while I sit here and write stories about Mr. Right-Whatever.

He is eating Reese’s Peanut Bars while he’s taking an LSD trip.

And this text is nothing but something actual of this planet. Especially the part about the pain.

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