Armstrong – World’s most famous man

Neil Armstrong – Famous Man in History

How could we forget – this man – Neil Armstrong – a Famous man, if not the most famous man of the men who has written history in the 20th Century?

He was the commander of Apollo 11, the first NASA mission to put a man on the moon. He took those first – and most significant – steps on the moon on July 20, 1969.

Never had a man done anything the like, never before – and never ever after.

His words still echoe through time and space:  “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” The enourmous scientific and cultural scignificance of the first landing on the moon made those the world’s most famous words ever spoken.

He took the three day trip to the moon.

Half a Million People watched how Apollo 11 came back to Earth.

The first landing on the moon is not only the most significant moment, but also the most controversial. The question is: Was Armstrong a hero or a con-man?

Tom Hanks points out to what many people think, and that’s the reason why the questioning and reflexion of misinformation is relevant, even half a century later:

We live in a society where there is no law in making money in the promulgation of ignorance or, in some cases, stupidity …”

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