Dedicated to fashion

This form, of a Woman in pants and pullover, can be used in thousands of situations, as a stencil for fashion design. The Picture, that is being created through the stencil, can then be used as a 1:1 fashion design, or as an inspiration for many designs. I especially think about evening Scenery, or Driveway or many more situations templates that can be used, all those possible Colors are just impressive, and the possibilities are, like I mentionned before, almost limitless.

Fashion stencìl 2019

I Love Mascara…another stencil 12.9.2020

Fashion stencil appliance

I hope you enjoy it and wish every fashionista among you lots of fun with this tool.

a veces la gente no recibe una recompensa por su trabajo. no es de extrañar que estén decepcionados. ven el mundo como realmente es

Petra S. Steiner

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