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supervision machine, 2022

Hi! I’m Patrizia! As a certified Graphic Designer and now Artist, I proudly present www.busybureau.com, a site of joyful color applications, woodworks and the like! Feel free to scroll around!

Please do scroll around, down- and upwards. Under the menu section “Art to Go” you’ll find the busybureau treasure trove with many images. they are on other pages too. If you take just a little time, maybe you find something that suits you!

Life ain’t always easy, you probably know. from your experience. It is essential to have people around you who support you and love you and are not afraid to tell you what you do well. esxpecially when you re in a transition, I don’t mean a sexual one, but a transition of thought. this is also something you can only comprehend if you went through it. Life is subject to change, that’s what I want to say with this.

Mental illness is frightening, or one asks him/herself what that is when seeing someone having a psychosis, it sure does not give a good impression. but I believe that people can find a way to lead a productive life, all while considering their resources, be it in an occupation-related question or social questions, again. I just dont like to be talking like a copy machine. which is what I did just now. in my understanding.

I want to be free to some extent, free to say what I want, feel free to do something or things out of the habitual which (almost) everybody needs I think.It is, to mention this, a bit frustrating to see one’s own possible life fade. It was that way when I got ill. All you ve been working for was….gone. You dont need to be scared, it’s just my experiences. And I still feel lucky.

and so are my works.