Welcome to eye-catching visuals, welcome to Busy Bureau !

Welcome to busybureau.com. Since 2018, Busybureau is the online shop of Senior Graphic designer and Founder Pat Vanazzi. Its range of activities include, but are not limited to: Logo Designs, Mural Art, Wooden Objects and many other applications, i.e. furniture or texts.

How can I navigate the site most effectively?

like as if you were in a ghost train, you can scroll through the menus on top on the right side. there you’ll find an listing of all the different doings that is updated weekly.

You are invited to take a look at the works presented on this website and try to understand the meaning behind the images, some of which are reduced to form, with no description whatsoever, some more written, which both precisely and briefly explain the doings presented on this site.

follow the artist in daily intervals and see how her style evolves... and try to decode her !

Take a look at everything! Have you already been enchanted by one or the other image?

The Jug, february 2022
“Enough” from 2020

Join the competition and become a part of this extraordinary challenge!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to eye-catching visuals, welcome to Busy Bureau !

  1. Herr Flury von der Firma Galleria, wo Du in Biel Dein Visitenkärtli abgegeben hast, hat Dir einen Kommentar hinterlassen. Hast Du es gesehen?


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