Hello and welcome to, the Website regarding artworks of Petra S.Steiner.

You are encouraged to Look around for the graphic stuff, and see if you can find something!

There are many Pictures that you may like to use, logos and more, so you may want to invest the time to explore the world of Petra.

The Prices start at a very low 25$, for an approximate Letter Size, framed (+ Shipping Costs), Prints can be bought, some of the works can be bought as uniques, too. Look around, you may be surprised! You may ask yourself: how come she asks for 25$? I can tell you. I just thought “how much would I be willing to give for an artwork during the corona pandemic”..the answer was: 25!!! đŸ€©

I wish everyone an interesting new year 2021!

Yours, Petra S. Steiner

PS: if you have questions, kindly send an email to

express designs – january works

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