Welcome to Busy Bureau !

Welcome to busybureau.com

This is my personal website, built to promote my statements to the actual world situation of 2023, and those statements come in form of personal images which you can view and buy. you are kindly being asked to leave a message.

You’ll have images of different kinds and for various occasions. You are welcome to look, and enjoy your stay you will find works out of my personal folder, carefully curated and selected.

Please do not miss these moving electronic Figurines or Video-Presentations

favourite viper, 2022
the key, 2021
one of my angels, 2022 (5)

Stones of 2022 (male and female)
Alien in wax, 2020
Woodwork 2020

You are invited to take one or more looks at the works presented on this website.

follow the artist in daily intervals and see how her style evolves... and try to decode her !

Take a look at everything! Maybe you like an image / A woodwork / Both?

Do not hesitate to support me via the donate button in case you should be interested in playing a role by making woodworks or other works possible.

V in WWII, 2022
The Jug, february 2022
A Lamp, 2021
“Enough” from 2020

BusyBureau: Are you looking for that special image that noone else has got? Look no further, I can help.

Join the competition and become a part of this extraordinary challenge!

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