Welcome to Busy Bureau !

Hello All! welcome! Pick a pic if you like! We can make prints to affordable prices! Or you could treat yourself with one of those fancy woodworks, or even both! Here you can wander around, and if you like one, get in touch, we can then discuss the prices.

My name is Patrizia, I am a graphic designer. I have experience with psychosis. It was a very interesting time with it, and I guess I was able to put some of my phantasy into my works that I am doing.

Being able to produce something that I like is refreshing with every day I am able to work on it. I could not imagine it otherwise. I enjoy getting involved with different forms and colors, and also enjoy to work things out, means giving the images that extra portion of attention.

Two years ago I was also into creating wooden sculptures, which I like to call “figurines”. I have taken the task and have worked on it again, result is the sculptures you see below, which make good “couples” with some of the images. They can also be ordered via the contact form or contact@busybureau.com.

BusyBureau: Home of International language! Are you looking for that special image that noone else has got? Look no further, I can help. Here at Busybureau every image is Unique and lest it has been reproduced, peerless.

Please forgive me if the site is blowing you away.

This is what it makes this site so difficult to manage: The fact that there’s so many of those images, and that there are constantly being added some.

All this graphic stuff is intended for you to feel good with. That’s the reason of those images, to transport a message of calm.

And Right now, I would like you to do something, to enter for a busybureau contest:
All you have to do is Leave a reply and follow this site.
Once we reached a hundred 100 ! members I will make more content available.

Are you in?

Join the competition and become a part of this extraordinary challenge!

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