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welcome to busybureau. it’s the site of Petra S. Steiner.

Here you’ll find written stuff, logos, Pictures, tapestry ideas and more. The site is being updated regularly, means ca. once a week, whereas Images or Logos and all the other stuff is being inserted under the label of Things: Pictures to Pictures, logos to logos etc. So you can surf the site repeatedly while Always finding something new for each visit.

Under the section “Home” there is a menu. in this menu you’ll find Texts that have been written recently or a while ago and for designers or text-masters there is a section “Publicity keywords” that shows a collection of words that could be of interest.

The other sections, “Surf me”and “Paperworks” show mostly images or so.

Remember to surf the main pages! it means the sections above other pages can be surfed as well. I hope you find the time to scroll around!

By visiting this site you are guaranteed not to get any biological troubles. remember: Stay safe!

this site is best viewed on a mobile phone. If you experience disturbances in image size, use the arrows on the sides to view the content.

Busybureau.wordpress.com is the daughter of tamtamstories.wordpress.com which no longer exists.

I built this new Website to collect my drawings, logos, photographs and fashion designs on one site – for alltime Access for me – and the people that are interested. My nickname is Petra S. Steiner, you can add me as a Facebook – friend if you like. Just drop a line or two, so that I know who you are and where you come from.

It’s going on like in a busy bureau in my life – Project after Project, collage after collage – Always moving.

My designs are my all – I have a diplome in graphic design.

The site is a bit Special to manage – on the page “Surf me” you’ll find a link that gives you Access to 227 designs – move the arrows on the right and left side to see the Pictures one by one. They may be too large – see what you can do about it – with the arrows it should work – if not: View the site on the phone. It’s not about hacking or giving you a virus or anything: It’s that I uploaded the 227 designs in one upload, and it shows a link. Probably because the size is too large. It must be 1 Gigabyte – 3 years of work.

It’s about staying busy. BusyBureau!

123 Any Street, HJ 12345

When was the last time you were creative?

you can jump in every role that you like..within your virtual alter ego that never dies.

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Art never dies,…

Keep it going!

Built for the future.

This Artist home has an estimated Gigabyte with 1 Administrator & his own access to the Internet.

Extensive upgrades and thorough maintenance have kept this Site in prime condition. Hardwood floors and new carpets create a very comfortable living space.

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