welcome to busybureau.com

welcome dear reader! I invite you to come in and take a look at my passion. My name is Petra, I am a graphic designer and I create . I feel overworked sometimes, and then I need to rest, but I always want to overwork my working, make something new, and enjoy for myself, before I make it available to the public.

my language is a simple one, I am fond of things that find a straightforwanrd entrance in people’s minds, who give comfort and who assure because of their simplicity.

In these two images an actual theme can be found, the theme of violence in social media. I show to the left: an insult, and in the middle the mentor, to the right: The computer.

In these images you find a theme that is well-loved by me: Aliens. wether it is an alien head, designed on wood, an alien lettering on a selfmade shelf or the alien head on a plate…all things alien can be found here.

Cyborgs also got my love

there is more. See for yourself!

those are all images I have created…

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